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Part Four: Buying Gear

Patch Notes


Added a forum as well as some archive goodies.


Part Four finally up! I apologize profusely for the long, long, LONG delay. To make a long story short, a ton of stuff happened which seriously cut down on my free time. These include my grandfather dying, losing my job, leaving college, and joining the military. I'll try to regularly update, but I'm afraid I can't make any guarantees. Again, I apologize.


Part Three up.


Fixed some broken links. The main nav menu should now work with Firefox browsers. Also added more links, as well as my email address. Please feel free to send all hate mail and death threats HERE. Thank you. :)


Interlude 01 up. Also added more links on the Link page.


Part Two up.


Just a quick update. I fixed some HTML tags, as well as put the "Links" pages up.


Just getting the site up and running. I don't know much about HTML, but I am a bit of an expert at trial and error. The Gear pages are a godsend.

Many thanks to Comicgenesis for hosting my humble project, as well as to Ping Teo for providing the base template I used to hack together this eyesore of a site.

I sincerely hope you humble readers enjoy what I have cobbled together here. The comic will update weekly, probably around Thursday or Friday. I will try to get some decent link buttons up for your comic browsing pleasure, as well as getting the Links pages up. Until then, please enjoy all the things that I do have up. I know it ain't much, so stop complaining. You're getting free entertainment here, so stop yammering. Sheesh.

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